Our mission

Eleva cames from a decades management experience .
Our mission is to achieve exponential growth with all our properties by creating strategic partnerships that allow us to acquire or manage existing properties in lucrative markets, and work with under-performing hotels and restaurants to position them for growth advancement.
We provide support to achieve increases in revenue, identify expansion opportunities, and utilize our resources to assist hotel and restaurants with all aspects of property management.

Core Value



More than 100 resources with managers and employees growing every year



San Gallo Palace, Helvetia Thermal SPA



Tosca Management, Cipensoio, Buonerìa


Thermal SPA

SPA wellness with thermal salsobromoiodic water, Aesthetic Medicine services



Liberty Garden, Buonerìa Bar, Helvetia Bar


Lounge Terrace

Rooftop Lounge Bar in Buonerìa


Events Area

Beer Garden, 321 Lab, Buonerìa Dependance, Theater


Our properties

We are leaders in the field of hospitality industry and have a proven track record of success.


"Born with a passion to grow and expand. A passion which grows with time. Increasing passion is increasing growth. Know-How is the fruit of experience. What you have a passion for is worth pursuing. Talent plus passion means success. "

Vincent Paul Piccinno


Valentina Di Gioia


Aldo Settembrini


Our team

We see a lean, responsive organization where decision-making is empowered to each employee at each level

Roberto Locuratolo

Managing Director

Sandra Montelisciani

Chief Financial Officer

Ada Martino

Group Human Resources Dpt.

Ruth Claramonte Navarro

Group Marketing Manager

Aditi Secci Moretti

Hotels Sales & Distribution Manager

Andrea Rosta

FB Business Development Manager

Stefano Cavallini

Tosca Restaurant Executie Chef
Group Executive Chef

Roberto Abrignani

Accounting Dpt.

Mariella Calabrese

Accounting Dpt.

Silvia Ciapetti

Accounting Dpt.

Marianna Barbieri

Accounting Dpt.

Irene Billi

Group Human Resources Dpt.

Stefania Puliafito

Hotels Revenue & Reseravation Specialist

Edoardo Cantarella

Group Graphic & Web Designer

Mario Ferrone

Tosca Restaurant Manager

Michael Giuliano

San Gallo Palace General Manager
Hotels Operations Manager

Carlo Gori

Helvetia Thermal SPA General Manager
Hotels Business Development Manager

Dr. Fausto Bonsignori

Aesthetic Medicine

Tommaso Gabbrielli

General Manager Buonerìa